Life as a Creative and Digital Media Apprentice

The documentary that I created during the apprentice programme was probably the most enjoyable part- at least it was for me. This is due to the fact that I was completely in control of my own project from start to finish, allowing me to take on any artistic approach that I wanted, whereas in a group I might have had to make a lot of compromises. All I had to do was include a few aspects of a brief that I was supplied with for the course.

Bearing this in mind, as you can imagine, I was full of ideas that otherwise would never have got a look in before – so I decided to include as many as possible. The purpose of the documentary was to show my journey from the start of the course to its audacious conclusion in addition to the skills that I obtained, the skills that I want to develop along with any products that I made and how they were made.

It took 3 months to complete with explosion effects, falling debris & electrical sparks flying everywhere, the brief said to be creative so I made sure I was and, as I’ve always wanted to have those effects in my videos, I took advantage of the situation.

However this was a very risky approach as I was the only apprentice to do this and it could have backfired if it was thought I was focusing too much of the effects rather than the content of the brief. If this had happened it would have meant that a large amount of time-consuming editing would be needed to bring the video into line with the brief, time I could not afford to lose with the amount of coursework that I had to do.

Fortunately for me, the video was met with nothing but praise from my tutors, peers and examiners which led to me passing the criteria for the unit. Due to the success that I got from this video, I am determined to keep on making more short films in order to improve my skills as a filmmaker as it is something that I enjoy doing and wish to continue developing.

The great news is I have now passed the framework and I can share my documentary with you  Life as… documentary

Conor Supka

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