Charlie Meets Internatonal Cricketer Brian Lara


Charlie had the opportunity to have an exclusive chat with Brian Lara whilst working for Unity Radio Online.  Lara offered up how he became of the game’s prolific runs scorer.

The Trinidad and Tobago national hero explained to  Charlie that his desire to be the best cricketer was down to his mental strength and his intense levels of training and practice he’d put into all his shots, everyday.

“Everyone is born with some sort of natural ability, I do believe though that to take it to a level that you stand out it’s a mental strength. There’s so many stories of guys with great ability that didn’t make it and I believe simply because of their lack of mental strength”.

The former West Indies captain stated that he’d worked really hard, made sure that his confidence was always at a high, never doubted his ability and with his skill was able to get to the top of the game.

Click here to listen to the interview 


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