It is a sad fact that young Londoners are more highly qualified than their peers around the country 

but more likely to be unemployed.  We are working with employers  to bring hope not only of jobs

but laying the foundations for lifelong productive careers.



We work with employers to help them to find and train 16-24 year-old young people in skills that match the needs of your company and for the future. 



According to “The Learning Curve” 2014 report by Pearson, the necessary skills for the future are:

Beyond the 3Rs


We will ensure that young people are developing these skills to succeed in your company and for their future career progression – you will also get the chance to train them in the ways of your company.


Currently and until September 2014, the national minimum wage for apprentices is £2.68/hour. For employees under 18, it is £3.72/hour; 18-20s £5.03/hour; 21 and over £6.31/hour.  As the young people become more productive we expect employers to respond to the value the young people add to the business by increasing their remunerations.


We are keen to work with employers across the creative industries and other sectors:


Our team can solve your recruitment problems and identify suitable young people to join your workforce. Or they can work with you to get 16-24 year olds trained and accredited as apprentices – provided they meet the eligibility criteria.


Contact Toby or Dowa today to discuss your workforce needs by emailing: or give them a call at the Talent Match hub on 020 8829 8983 or 020 8829 8900.