Aspire-2 and Talent Match London bring together over 35 training organisations from across the capital to create career pathways and opportunities for young people in London. The current economic climate means that too many 16-24 year olds have not found meaningful employment.  Aspire-2 and Talent Match London will ensure that talented young people will be part of building a world-class workforce in London.


The sectors Aspire-2 is working with will help define London’s reputation in the future:

Some of these sectors are already world-class. Some are tackling fundamental challenges that all cities face – educating and motivating the young and making our citizens more active and engaged. Some are major growth sectors. Some are major sources of wealth creation. Some contribute to the quality of life London’s citizens enjoys. But we believe that they all of them need a bright and diverse workforce to succeed into the future. This is where aspire-2 and Talent Match London come in.


Our programme aspires to be responsible for changing the lives of the young people it works with:

• Building real skills for real jobs and livelihoods

By working with local employers and the industry specified training set out in the apprenticeship frameworks – we believe that we can give young people a blueprint for success in some of the London’s world class industries. We would expect many of them to go on to be freelance (as many of these sectors have over 40% freelance working) and some to set up businesses of their own in future.

• Creating a healthy attitude to reflective learning – as the basis of on-going professional development

For whatever reason many young people don’t have a positive experience in school – but that doesn’t mean that vocational training needs give them the same experience. Whilst we cannot know what the workforce will look like in 2065 when these trainees will probably retire. But we do have a clear idea about the attitudes and behaviours that will help them keep their skills current. Aspire-2 is embedding a healthy attitude to learning and skills and knowledge development that should help the trainees into the future.

• Backing talent and potential – responding to the creative potential of young people

Each of the partners in aspire-2 has developed rigorous recruitment process based on potential more than current ability. Some of the young people we work with have particular obstacle to overcome – before their latent talent can be unlocked. The partners have years of experience and unprecedented track records for their work in this area. The creative and media arts trainees are perhaps the most obvious example of unlocking young people’s creativity – but will be unlocking the same creative potential in all six of our sectors.

• Using the skills of the young people in at every possibility to make the project as successful as it can possibly be

From the beginning the trainees in Aspire-2 have played an important role in shaping the brand and producing marketing materials. Elsewhere in the website you will see blogs and other examples of young people sharing their work that has made them proud.

The project aspires to work in partnership with employers to create the workforce they need. What better to futureproof London businesses than by investing in raw talent of a young Londoner?

Working with the delivery partners employers will find young people who will quickly become a valuable part of the workforce. Harnessing the skills and experience of the delivery partners means that finding the right young person is much more straightforward than employers doing this alone. For this reason anticipates working with businesses of all sizes from micro-businesses to mega-businesses.

At the heart of the programme is a pledge made by trainees, trainers and Collage Arts to ensure everyone is clear about their rights and responsibilities within the programme.

If you are an employer who would like to have an apprentice as part of your investment in the future – please contact us

If you are a young person aged 16-24 or a parent, guardian or careers advisor for someone this age who you think would benefit from our training please contact us